Updates and news, product and equipment reviews, pictures from trips I go, I'll try to keep it updates as much as I can put myself to write something.

The Mediterranean sea, always inspired me, the noise of never ending waves, Seagull screams, the texture of warm sand. my home will always be in my heart.

In this post, I will demonstrate how I used different light colors using gels, to relight an image by creating a B/W layer and varying colors sensitivity "filters".
This layer later can easily be blended later to add luminosity to different parts of the image while maintaning 3 dimensional look.

Emphasising photographic subject can be done many different ways, maybe the most basic form of it is by lighting only the subject, while keeping unwanted background dark., In portraits it is common to use a shallow depth of field to avoid distracting background. Here I'm demonstrating using different gel colors/temprture to enhance the subject... more..

A quick walk through of what it takes to get a print ready. We decided to make a trip to Bayfield, WI Ice caves, a famous attraction, in the winter the lake freezes and the lakeshore caves develop Icicles (A tapering structure hanging like from the roof of a cave, formed by frozen dripping water).. more..

A set I captured in 2010, in an old building. portraying living conditions of out of town workers, serving in a restaurant, in port said Egypt. Camera used is Nikon D7000 DSLR, with a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye zoom lens. more..

I calibrated my fisheye zoom lens! after 4 years of manual geometric correction, thinking this was the best for this special kind of a lens, I decided to look if there was any geometric distortion profiles available, and there was none!!! even by the manufacturer. more..

Growing up in a small town on the SE Mediterranean sea, in Egypt., called "Port Said", I took thousands of pictures of seagulls and waves, sand beach and rocks, ships crossing, but never tried to look inside, look at people, talk , see what they care for and what they do, I joined my friend Tony, and walked into the deepest part of the city, the dark side,, Satoota market, it is where people can find fresh cheap food back there. more..

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